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An iPhone is an exquisite purchase and well worth the price we pay. Many of us consider the iPhone as an integral part of our lives, so if there is any problem that develops in it, our life turns upside down. The worst day would be like dropping your iPhone. It is as scary as getting a mini heart attack. Isn’t that right? Don’t you worry, get your iPhone screen repaired at Fixkart. 

Why buy a new phone when you can get it repaired. You don’t need to put a dent in your savings, you can get it repaired from the best service center at an affordable price. Yes, you may want to take it to someone who is experienced in iPhone screen repair and can get the phone back on track. 

With over a decade in the market of servicing smartphones, we have repaired more than 50,000 Apple devices. No matter wherever you are in Bangalore, we also offer doorstep pickup and delivery of your phone after the service. Whether it is an iPhone screen replacement or battery issues, our technicians are well-equipped with all the necessary tools needed to fix your phone and make it brand new. 

Quality is our responsibility. The replacement parts we use are of the highest quality and every part is checked, before replacing the damaged one in the iPhone. We are one of the best place for servicing your iPhone at an affordable price.  

Overcome your fears

We know the state of mind you must be in after you have just seen a cracked screen or any other issues with your phone. The next thing you fear about is, where to get your iPhone screen repaired? Will it be expensive? And lastly, is my phone in safe hands? These questions are ought to come, and leave you perplexed. 

The answer is simple and easy. Fixkart is the solution to all the problems. We have 2 easy steps. 

  • Diagnose and Pick

You can visit our website and tell us about the problem. Our system will tell you the price and there you are, Easy peasy! You don’t have to drive all the way to our store in the traffic just to drop your phone. We have a doorstep phone pick service which will make things better for you.

  • Quick Fix

We shall fix the device at lightning speed for you, and what’s nice is that we deliver at your doorstep after the fixing at your convenience.

It can’t get easier than this! 

Leave it to the experts

Good news! Your broken phone can be repaired. Many times, we feel broken phone has to be replaced with a new phone. Well, that’s not true, most of the time the phone can be repaired and turned into a brand new phone. We have a crew of certifies, highly trained and efficient technicians, who will be working on your phone. We leave no stone unturned, to fix any issues with your phone.

 At Fixkart, you can expect complete transparency from our end. We use genuine, high-quality spare parts in the process of repairing the phone. We specialize in all types of mobile phone repairs. We really hope you don’t encounter any damage to your phone, but in case you do you know whom to contact!

Not just screen replacement, we also fix a lot of other issues. Below are a few of them.

Damaged Camera

One of the most common problems is a damaged camera. It’s sad when you can’t capture precious moments. While most of us, manage our work on the phone, a damaged camera can cause trouble. The image can be distorted, blurry and may come out fuzzy. Sometimes, the issue could be very silly and can be resolved easily, but sometimes there could be an issue with the hardware which may cause serious damage to the phone. In this case, you will need an expert to resolve the issue. 

Faulty buttons

Many a time, we find our phone buttons not to be functioning, as a result, it can cause delay/irritation and embarrassment too. It could be a single button or a series of buttons that are causing trouble. Volume buttons, a Home button that doesn’t work can quickly increase the level of frustration. Our experts are well trained to address these issues in a jiffy!

Drained Battery

How often do you find yourself in a situation, wherein you are running with a charger in your hand, to find a plug point? Or what’s the probability of you reading this while your phone is charging? 

(Oops! It is on charge) 

Then the actual problem is not with the usage of your phone, but it could simply mean that you have a damaged battery. Battery problems are serious. It is not just embarrassing, but can also be hazardous. Getting it fixed, should be your top priority and Fixkart would be the right place to get it replaced. 

Water Damage

So one day, your phone decided to take a dip. While the phone has relaxed it has left its owner tensed. Well, the fact is Water and Technology are not pals, and often share a negative space. While you must have seen several DIY’s and would want to try them, we strongly recommend you to refrain from such acts. It could worsen the condition. Simply take it to an expert who would do the job without damaging the phone further.

Any electronic device may start giving troubles after a certain period of time. Well, that cannot be avoided, but what can be is further damages and no serious troubles in the long run. While regular software updates are there to solve the bugs and minor issues, regular servicing will address the inner problems leaving you happy along with a happy phone.

At Fixkart, every problem is handled with the utmost care and interest to satisfy our customers. We follow a seamless, transparent, and cost-effective process, to repair the phone. Contact us today for the best service of your mobile.

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