Consider your iPhone 11 Pro back glass replacement from FixKart at your own price!

You may have considered the back glass of your iPhone 11 Pro while purchasing. But you probably have no idea what can happen after you drop from your hand, right? After all, you need an iPhone 11 pro back glass replacement right now.

Meanwhile, if you already made the device shattered then there is also a solution to fix it. And we must tell you not to get worried about your repair. Another thing is if you don’t use the back cover in your device then scratches are coming frequently. But whenever your iPhone 11 Pro back glass is badly damaged or affected, it is not the end of the world.

How much does it cost to repair the back glass of an iPhone 11 Pro?

In today’s world, everyone has a cell phone. They require a smartphone for every possible second interaction. We use our smartphones every moment, so we accidentally drop them or they get dented, damaged, shattered, or marked by regular users.

Though iPhones are hardy when it comes to the situation of back glass it is still fragile. So, you may be here to know the iPhone 11 pro back glass replacement cost right? The replacement charge for a back glass is the same as the 11 pro screen replacement in the authorized service centers.

So you can imagine the charges as they ask 449-500$ for an iPhone 11 Pro glass replacement. But if you are not covered in the AppleCare+ then the charge is even higher. So what FixKart is available to get you repaired under your best budget.

What is the best iPhone back glass repair near me?

If your device is in a condition like not usable then FixKart is available to make it usable in under 30 minutes. If are you in search of a repair shop rather than an authorized service center then we are the ultimate option for you. We have a total repairing experience of a decade in which your problem can be solved easily.

Come to us if your searches for the best iPhone mobile repair shop near me in Bangalore. Whatever your problem maybe we are the prime solution available to fulfill your requirement under the best budget. Just scheduling an booking of your repair rests is our duty.

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