Did your Iphone X get cracked? Worry no more! We have some affordable solutions for you

Now, you can easily replace your screen with an iPhone X. Along with the Apple Authorized Service Centers, some of the local shops will also provide you this screen replacement in a low range to keep it very affordable. Okay, now let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both the local shop replacement facility and Apple authorized Service Center Facility.

Apple Authorized Service Center:

Apple Authorized Service Center is always the best possible solution for all apple queries, complaints. It is definitely a one-stop destination. Well, there are both pros and cons of these authorized service centers.

Pros: Here, you will find the 100% authentic screen replacement.

Cons: Twice amount has been charged in their centers and they even take a lot of time to return all the mobiles.

Local Repairing Shops:

Local repair shops are a great source of replacing your iPhone X screen at an affordable range. The money they charge will not become heavy for the pockets of middle-class people. Though the prices are cheap, the quality will remain low.

Pros: The charge they claim is two times less than the charge of Apple authorized service centres.

Cons: Well, there are a lot of cons to repairing the iPhone X screen from a local shop. Firstly, it will lack professionalism. A lack of professionalism is the main reason people hesitate to go to these shops for repairing their iPhone X. Secondly, they basically use low and cheap quality products so that your money can be saved and even sometimes they use fake parts for their own profits. The third problem is that you will not receive any guarantee from their side regarding the iPhone X screen replacement.  They basically use low-graded products and only because of this do they become unable to provide any warranty to their customers.

Therefore, the best step would be buying the screen parts by yourself only from a verified authentic store in order to repair the screen.

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