Fed up with the battery problems on the iPhone X? Make an appointment with FixKart!

iPhone X was one of the best implementation gadgets of the time as the new generation of iPhones was launched. Since it was the most beautiful device from Apple, the market got crazy about buying this product. Hence, every device can have problems as users are now old as they are seeking iPhone x battery replacement cost India.

iPhones are amazing, but changing the battery is required after a certain point of time since it is critical to maintaining the battery. Hence, iPhone x battery replacement becomes the trend now.

When Should Your iPhone’s Battery Be Replaced?

If you are using the device then you must be not getting the proper charges right? I mean on a single charge how is your device performing? The capacity of a battery might drop to 80% even lower after 500 charge cycles. Since the lithium-ion is implemented battery charge cant be held over time. So, it is time to change the battery of your smartphone.

What is the cost of changing your iPhone x battery?

As it is a premium device from Apple, the cost varies on the center you are choosing for the repair. In India, the price of an Apple iPhone X battery price could range from 2500 INR to 9000 INR.

Now, think of a while if you are choosing Apple authorized centers then charges will be double and locals are running their business with cheap non-guaranteed products and having not the proper knowledge of an iPhone repairing.

Where to replace your iPhone X’s battery?

If you are an iPhone X user then you may be worried about the replacement of your device’s battery. We are now into an advanced generation where we can’t run without a smartphone but if your smartphone is good enough and has a battery issue then your must be unhappy with it.

So, worry not as FixKart is here for the people with the best iPhone battery replacement services where you don’t need to search iPhone battery replacement cost Bangalore for your repair.

What is the procedure of FixKart services?

FixKart operates the services which are not matchable in the repairing industry as check the below following for a better idea.

  • Diagnose & Pick: First of all you have to visit our website and tell us about your problem. And after this, the AI engine will give you an estimate of the repair cost.
  • Fix it & Drop it: After making the schedule of the repair booking our executive will come to you to pick up your device. And after the repair, we will deliver your device to your doorstep at your convenience.

We at FixKart save people from buying their brand new phones by proving professional repair services as we have become the best iPhone repairing service in India.

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