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FixKart has the best iPhone 11 back glass replacement cost!

Modern iPhones’ rear glass is a significant selling point, but it also makes them vulnerable to damage. Back glass cracks are likely if you buy an iPhone 11 or afterward. Thus, seeking an iPhone 11 back glass replacement cost becomes needy, right? Anybody can fall victim to this fate.

If your phone’s back glass has even the tiniest fracture or chip, it can swiftly worsen and render your device useless. If the back glass on your iPhone breaks, it harms your hands and fingers and hinders your ability to utilize the device.

iPhone 11 Back Glass Replacement Cost

Many iPhone owners worry about how much it will cost to fix their devices if something goes wrong. If your iPhone’s rear glass has been damaged, Apple will charge you between $249 and $499 iPhone 11 back glass replacement. Their cheaper screen replacement service does not include the back glass, so the cost to repair your device would be significantly more.

Although, iPhone 11 glass replacement is not everyone’s cup of tea. It needs a high level of creativity as well as expertise to replace the back glass on an iPhone. But there is an option available in which anyone can get replace their back glass under the best budget and quality service from FixKart.

iPhone Glass Replacement Bangalore

The only iPhone glass replacement Bangalore, FixKart, utilizes laser equipment created exclusively to replace an iPhone’s rear glass. With the help of this equipment, we can finish this repair for a fraction of what Apple charges.

Not only does our approach to this repair take far less time, but it also poses less of a risk to your iPhone. There is a direct correlation between the length of time that a fracture in an iPhone’s back glass goes unrepaired and the likelihood that moisture and other particles may seep in and further harm the device.

And yes FixKart is a company built for this to provide quality repair like the authorized services for under half of the cost. So, Since the whole procedure only takes 4-6 hours, if you leave your iPhone with us in the morning, you’ll usually get it back by the end of the day.


Well, not only the back glass but also iPhone 11 screen replacement was made simple with us. If you are a person having difficulties with your iPhone 11 screen then you also can visit us. We are a company having the highest-rated professional repair personnel available at the best cost.


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