FixKart takes iPhone 13 screen replacement to new heights!

After the release repair shops quickly discovered that replacing the display rendered Face ID inoperable. According to a new report, Apple has reversed its decision to limit iPhone 13 screen replacement. So, it is not a problem anymore for anyone to get repaired in third-party repair shops.

You may be seriously unlucky if you have broken your iPhone’s display. Moreover, some iPhone owners already have broken the back glass as they seek an iPhone 13 back glass replacement.

iPhone 13 screen replacement cost in Bangalore

Since your iPhone 13 is one of Apple’s premium segments device, charges are higher than expected. But whenever you have a faulty screen or anything you must enquire about the pricing right? So, users frequently want to know the iPhone 13 screen replacement cost in Bangalore.

As of now, Apple authorized service centers charges 229$ for an iPhone 13 mini screen repair and 329$ for the iPhone 13 pro max model. And wait, if you are running out of the warranty then it can cost you more than 99$ extra as you have no AppleCare plan.

And in a city like Bangalore where FixKart is available, you do not need to think about the repair charges. FixKart offers the best rate in the repairing industry with absolutely no hassles. From screen to iPhone 13 back glass replacement we have the dedicated expertise available to fulfill your needs.

Which is the best iPhone 13 repair shop to visit in Bangalore?

iPhones model like 13 is made with quality as well as performance. If anything on your device has a faulty scene, you feel uncomfortable. Hence, FixKart is a place having the combo package of all. We also offer iPhone 13 face id replacement service if you are in search of it.

FixKart is the best apple service center Bangalore available to fulfill the needs of all. From the screen to anything you need a repair you can contact us. We can challenge you that our repairing parts are the same as the authorized service centers providing for double the money.

So, if you are a person looking for prime repairing services under your budget then you are welcome to FixKart. We are open to all with quality offerings. To date, we have satisfied millions of customers by repairing apple products with pride. Thus, book your schedule for the iPhone 13 repair today.

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