FixKart provides an authentic iPhone X screen replacement service at an affordable price!

People are understandably wary about gimmicking others to join the Apple club. Despite the fact that they are subjected to intense pressure to do so on a daily basis. iPhone X screen replacement is the thing they might be facing as a hassle. So, why aren’t more people, particularly in the Indian market, buying Apple products? Repairs are the appropriate response.

Look, if you pick iPhone X, the iPhone x back glass replacement also has the same hassles as the screen repair. As a result, everyone in India is looking for a repair shop that is both inexpensive and of high quality. Additionally, the repair is a part of the electronic gadget as you have to keep patient for an iPhone screen repair.

iPhone X screen replacement cost in Bangalore

If you currently have an AppleCare+ plan and you decide to get an iPhone X display price from an approved service provider, then they will ask you for a certain amount of money.

The price of an iPhone X screen replacement cost from Apple is 25,000 rupees at authorized repair centers. You can probably understand how much more expensive it is when taking into consideration a repair from an authorized service. FixKart, on the other hand, is able to replace the back glass & screen of an iPhone at a price that is less than one-third of what it would cost to use an approved service.

If you are questioning the quality, then we need to assure you that it is precisely the same as the services that are permitted. FixKart is the ultimate iPhone repair near me that is a leading supplier of the same high-quality components that are used in approved services.

Which store offers the best iPhone x screen price?

Concerned about your iPhone? The technicians at FixKart can help you out. If you need an iPhone fixed or replaced in Bangalore, our team is well-equipped to do the job. No matter what kind of iPhone problems you’re having, you shouldn’t worry. Unlike its competitors, FixKart is unique in its ability to quickly identify and resolve problems. Moreover, we are the sole repair shop in Bangalore that has the best iPhone x screen price. 


You will receive the highest-quality parts and services from our staff members, all of whom have extensive experience and training. We are the most knowledgeable specialists in the field of technological appliance repair thanks to the many years of expertise we have accumulated. FixKart offers repair services for mobile devices of a wide variety of brands.

We are in step with one another in this world propelled by the internet. You have the option of choosing the sort of repair, as well as scheduling an acceptable time for doorstep service. Our technician will come to your home and repair your device right there in front of you while maintaining complete transparency.

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