Is your iPhone X’s screen cracked? Examine the numerous parts that could be impacted by screen damage!

The iPhone X is the 11th generation iPhone, which was released on the 3rd of November 2017, designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It incorporates several new technologies as it was the first iPhone with a 5.85 inch OLED screen. The button fingerprint sensors are replaced with Face ID, which encourages iPhone users to scan the face to unlock the Apple device.

Is your iPhone X screen is not working? Then one of the reasons might be that it is a fully covered display, which is very hard to handle. If the display gets poorly damaged, then the screen could stop working suddenly and there could be a chance of arising numerous other component issues! As there is no home button, the problem arises more during the screen damage as it will not respond.

Parts that may be harmed as a result of screen damage

 We at FixKart, suggest that every part of the iPhone X is delicate and you must use it very smoothly to avoid any further damage. It may happen if anyone part stops functioning there is a chance of others to get damaged!

  • iPhone X Face ID: If your iPhone X display or screen gets damaged, Face ID could stop working as it consists of a flood illuminator. If it gets damaged the Face unlock will stop responding.
  • Light sensor: If your iPhone X gets damaged deeper, even the ambient light sensor will stop working.
  • Front camera: Due to the screen damage, it is possible that the front camera gets failed to respond.
  • iPhone x touchscreen: Is your touch screen also not working? It is possible as touchscreen depends on screen or display. If the screen is damaged, any touch on the screen will not be responded to.

If you face this similar issues, you must get your iPhone X screen replacement as soon as possible!

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