Premium iPhone XS Max repair at affordable prices in Bangalore!

As a proud owner of the iPhone XS Max, you understand the significance of owning a premium device with cutting-edge features. 

However, accidents and wear and tear are unavoidable. And it’s leading to issues such as a cracked screen, unresponsive touch, and a declining battery as an iPhone repair Bangalore is needy. 

At FixKart, we empathize with the inconvenience these problems can cause, which is why we offer top-tier iPhone repair services in Bangalore. 

We will delve into essential aspects of iPhone XS Max repair, including screen replacement costs, touch repair pricing, battery replacement expenses, display price, Face ID repair costs, and why FixKart is the preferred choice for iPhone repairs in Bangalore.

iPhone XS Max Screen Replacement Cost

The appearance and usability of your iPhone XS Max might be severely compromised by a broken screen. Here at FixKart, we know how crucial it is to return your gadget to its factory state. You can trust that the screen replacement services offered by our trained professionals will provide you with good value for your money.

iPhone XS Max Touch Price

A responsive touchscreen is essential for smooth navigation and usability. If you’re experiencing touch issues with your iPhone XS, our skilled team can diagnose and repair the problem efficiently. Rest assured, we use genuine parts and advanced techniques to restore the touch functionality of your device.

iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement Cost in India

Does the battery on your iPhone XS Max run down rapidly or stop holding a charge? Battery replacement is a regular issue, and we provide a low-priced service to fix it. If your iPhone XS Max battery is dead, our trained specialists can replace it with a brand-new, high-capacity one that will keep your phone running smoothly for longer.

iPhone XS Max Display Price

The iPhone XS Max boasts a stunning display, and maintaining its visual brilliance is essential. At FixKart, we provide display replacements at competitive prices, using genuine components to ensure your device’s display is as good as new. You can count on us if you need an affordable iPhone XS Max screen price.

iPhone XS Face ID Repair Cost

Face ID is a revolutionary feature that enhances your iPhone XS Max’s security and convenience. If you’re facing issues with Face ID, our experienced technicians can diagnose the problem and offer cost-effective iPhone XS Max repair. Trust us to restore the seamless functionality of this advanced security feature.

iPhone Repair in Bangalore

FixKart excels with customer service, transparent pricing, and expertise among numerous iPhone repair services in Bangalore. Our team of skilled technicians has extensive experience in handling various iPhone models, including the iPhone XS Max. Choose FixKart for reliable and efficient iPhone repairs that exceed your expectations.


We at FixKart know how important your iPhone XS Max is and how much you depend on its cutting-edge capabilities. Trust your device’s pristine condition with our affordable screen, touch, battery replacement, Face ID repair, and more. You may have faith in the skill of our professionals to treat your iPhone XS Max with the utmost care. FixKart is your reliable companion for iPhone repair in Bangalore, and they offer excellent services at reasonable pricing.

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