iPhone battery doesn’t hold up? Don’t worry, opt for an iPhone battery replacement!

Have you ever noticed? The day you first use your new iPhone, you hardly need to get it charged! But after frequent usage, like your phone ages, the iPhone battery drains out faster. It’s because the more you use your phone, the battery lifespan of your device gets shorten.

The usage of our iPhone is just not restricted to only receiving calls and messages like before. Nowadays, people are more engaged in various social activities using the internet on their smartphones devices, which generally takes up a huge amount of battery. If your iPhone battery drains out faster, it makes hamper your work to an extent.

We at FixKart, are the iPhone service center in Bangalore have come up with some of the basics tips which can help you to deal with the iPhone battery drainage issue.

  • Turn off iCloud automatic backup: Many people believe that backing up their data is very crucial. But you need to make sure that you turn off the automatic backup on iCloud as it uses lots of batteries. Instead, you can switch on the backup at fixed intervals, to save your data.
  • Lower the brightness: Many people like to use their smartphones at higher brightness settings, but it consumes a large amount of battery. You must opt for auto-brightness which adjusts the brightness according to the environment.
  • Turn off automatic download: If you are not aware then you must get to know that automatic updates and downloads use lots of battery. Turning off the automatic download will help you to reduce your iPhone battery drainage.

Why choose an iPhone battery replacement in Bangalore?

Many people when experiencing such battery issues, opt for replacing their phone with a new one, but that is not a solution. Before buying a new one, you must consult an iPhone repair service center like FixKart and get your Apple battery replacement in Bangalore done.

  • Cost-efficiency: Everyone knows how costly is to buy a new iPhone! And it will be just a waste of money, just because of battery drainage. It is better to consult an Apple service center as the iPhone battery replacement cost in Bangalore, India is more affordable.
  • Time-efficiency: The major benefit of iPhone battery replacement in Bangalore is that you get the servicing done in a day and get your product delivered to your doorstep. So, battery replacement is less time-consuming.
  • Security: You will get a warranty on the iPhone battery replacement. All the costs will be covered if the battery fails within the warranty period.
  • Safety: You must give your iPhone to a reliable authorized service center, and get the genuine parts and servicing done by professional technicians.

Why Choose FixKart?

At FixKart, get the benefits of various apple repairing services from professional technicians. Our technicians provide genuine products to the customers. So, why are you waiting to fulfill your needs for iPhone battery replacement in Bangalore! Get registered yourself today!

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