Is your iPhone 12 lagging? Now, get it repaired at your doorsteps!

We all are well-known about the performance of Apple when it comes to the technologies and innovation used in it. Apple products still make everyone amaze with its new innovations and mostly with its new launch of the iPhone 12.

Being an iPhone user, you must be aware of how difficult is to repair and replace the different parts of the iPhone. No matter how much we are careful with our iPhone it may sometimes create problems. If not so, accidentally it may fall and simply get cracked!

Fortunately, it is not the end solution for your iPhone. And for newbies with iPhone 12, it makes sense to get repaired our iPhone as soon as possible.

Problems faced by iPhone 12 users

Many iPhone 12 users continue to complain about various problems which they are facing while using it in day-to-day life.  Some of the basic problems which can be fixed are stated below:

  • iPhone 12 battery issues: Most of the users enjoy the battery life of the iPhone 12, but some of them started noticing how fast the battery drains out. If the drainage is faster than the normal timing then it might have some hardware issues. You might go for iPhone 12 battery replacement to an authorized apple center like FixKart.
  • iPhone 12 screen issues: Is your iPhone 12 fall accidently and get cracked? Then you just need to reach out for iPhone 12 screen replacement to an apple service center.
  • iPhone 12 back glass issues: Being an iPhone 12users, it feels devastated when your iPhone back glass break down. It is the time you have to go for iPhone 12 back glass replacement from an expert technician as it is important to use genuine parts and accessories.
  • iPhone 12 Wi-Fi issues: Have you noticed a slow Wi-Fi speed or increase in dropped connections, then you contact the customer service. If the problem persists you need to get it checked with an expert.
  • iPhone 12 Bluetooth issues: If you feel your iPhone device Bluetooth is not working and are unable to connect, you can contact customer service.

You may face these problems or many more while using iPhone 12. We at FixKart as an authorized apple service center have an expert technician to serve you with the best solutions!

Can iPhone 12 be repaired and where to find it?

It is found to be the most difficult question to answer by most of the iPhone repair service centers in Bangalore, as Apple has paired all its parts with its motherboard. But as an Apple service center, our expert technician at FixKart can bring back your iPhone 12 to life and you can use it smoothly like a new one.

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