FixKart: Your Trusted Source for Affordable iPhone XR Repair Service!

Smartphones are indispensable in the modern, high-tech world we live in. If you looking for an iPhone XR screen or back glass replacement cost, you’ve found the ideal spot to ask for help. FixKart is dedicated to being your go-to source for fast, low-cost iPhone XR repair.¬†

This article will discuss the many iPhone XR repair options, their respective prices, and why FixKart should be your first stop for any iPhone XR service.

iPhone XR Screen Replacement Cost

Accidents happen, and a cracked or shattered screen can be a frustrating experience. The good news is that FixKart offers professional iPhone XR screen replacement services at a reasonable cost. Our expert technicians will carefully remove the damaged screen and replace it with a high-quality replacement. With our transparent pricing and efficient service, you can have your iPhone XR looking brand new again without breaking the bank.

iPhone XR Display Price

If you’re facing issues with your iPhone XR display, such as unresponsive touch or flickering colors, FixKart is here to help.We value a crisp and vibrant display and train our skilled technicians to diagnose and resolve any display-related issues.¬†Whether it’s a faulty LCD or a damaged display assembly, we provide reliable repairs at competitive prices, ensuring that you can enjoy the full potential of your iPhone XR’s display.

iPhone XR Back Glass Replacement Cost

The sleek design of the iPhone XR includes a glass back, which can be vulnerable to cracks or scratches. No need to worry if your iPhone XR’s back glass is damaged. At FixKart, we offer affordable back glass replacement services. Expert technicians replace the old back glass of your iPhone XR, restoring its aesthetics and functionality flawlessly.

iPhone XR Face ID Repair Cost

iPhone XR’s Face ID feature offers secure device unlocking and transaction authentication for convenient usability. If you’re experiencing issues with your iPhone XR’s Face ID, such as failure to recognize your face or inconsistent performance, our experts at FixKart can help. Affordable Face ID repairs restore the convenience and security of this advanced feature reliably.

Convenient Mobile Repair Store Near You

FixKart understands the value of convenience. Instead of searching endlessly for an “Apple repair store near me” or a “mobile repair near me,” you can simply visit one of our conveniently located FixKart stores. We have a widespread network of stores, ensuring that you can find a reliable repair center near your location. Our friendly technicians are always ready to assist you and provide prompt and efficient repairs for your iPhone XR.


FixKart is your reliable companion for iPhone XR service. We hope to give you with a stress-free repair experience thanks to our competitive prices, qualified staff, and numerous locations. FixKart offers comprehensive iPhone repair services, including screen replacement, display repair, rear glass replacement, and Face ID troubleshooting. Don’t allow a broken iPhone XR derail your day; instead, go on over to FixKart where you can have your iPhone fixed in no time.

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