Restore your iPhone XS to perfection: Affordable repairs and replacements at FixKart!

Welcome to FixKart, your trusted destination for high-quality and cost-effective iPhone XS repairs. We understand the frustration that comes with a damaged iPhone XS, whether it’s a cracked screen, faulty battery, or broken back glass. 

With our expert technicians and genuine parts, we ensure a seamless and reliable solution to get your iPhone XS back to its optimal condition. 

Here we will explore the pricing details for various iPhone XS repairs and replacements in India, specifically focusing on display, screen, back glass, and battery replacements. 

Additionally, we will highlight our exceptional iPhone repair in Bangalore.

Section 1: iPhone XS Display Replacement Pricing

The original iPhone XS display price is 9000 rupees and the compatible one comes for 6000 rupees only. We’vel provide detailed information about the factors influencing the price, such as the type of display, genuine parts, and labor charges. Our experts at FixKart prioritize transparency, so you can make an informed decision about your iPhone XS display repair.

Section 2: iPhone XS Screen Replacement Cost

If you’ve accidentally damaged your iPhone XS screen, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ll delve into the screen replacement cost for the iPhone XS, covering both the display and touch functionality. We’ve also explained the importance of choosing a reliable repair service like FixKart to ensure a flawless screen replacement experience.

Section 3: iPhone XS Back Glass Replacement Cost

The iPhone XS features a sleek glass back, which can be vulnerable to cracks and breaks. FixKart offers iPhone XS back glass replacement cost with a price tag of 3500 rupees only. We’ve highlighted the importance of opting for professional repair services to ensure a seamless back glass replacement and preserve the overall aesthetics of your device.

Section 4: iPhone XS Battery Replacement Cost in India

If you’re experiencing battery-related issues with your iPhone XS, a battery replacement might be necessary. Here, FixKart charges 3500 rupees for the battery replacement cost for the iPhone XS in India. Although, our team at FixKart ensures that you receive a genuine and long-lasting battery replacement for your iPhone XS.

Section 5: iPhone Repair Services in Bangalore

For iPhone users in Bangalore, we provide exceptional repair services tailored to your specific needs. In this section, we’ll highlight the range of repair services offered by FixKart in Bangalore, including screen repairs, battery replacements, and more. We’ll emphasize our commitment to customer satisfaction, quality repairs, and quick turnaround times at attractive rates.


FixKart was founded on the principle that getting your iPhone fixed shouldn’t be difficult. Our knowledge, original components, and competitive prices make us the best option for fixing or replacing your iPhone. 

We hope you’ve learned something useful about the costs associated with repairing your iPhone by reading this blog post, which focuses on the replacement of the screen, display, rear glass, and battery. 

If you need your iPhone screen replacement and you care about quality and price, go with FixKart. Get in touch right away if you need to arrange maintenance or have any questions regarding our offerings in Bangalore.

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