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Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch are one of the most expensive gadgets in the world. Best in class, performance and user experience makes it everyone’s favorite. But just like any other gadget, iPhones are prone to hardware damages. While most of our life revolves around our phone, any minor or major damages to the mobile can cause havoc in our daily life. 

Even though in this digital world it is easy to find a good iPhone Service centre in Bangalore, doorstep mobile repair service is something that we don’t find it easily available. Thus, it makes all the more important to find a good and trusted service centre around you.

We at Fixkart, deal exclusively with iPhone repair and services in our Apple service center, and provide a complete solution to all your problems. Be it replacing hardware parts, screen damages, battery issues or any big or small problems, our team has the expertise to put an end to all your phone troubles. Thinking that it would cost you a bomb to get your iPhone repaired? You may be wrong as all the repairs are done at a pretty reasonable price, and you will leave our service center with a smile.

All-round iPhone service is one of the premium services that we offer to our valuable customers which includes quick and timely service delivery, use of high quality parts and transparency at a cost-effective price. Some of the common issues that we fix are cracked screens, camera issues, broken buttons and other hardware related problems. Let’s take a look.

Cracked Screens

We understand how it feels like, to be holding a damaged cracked screen of an iPhone in your hand. Nothing can be devastating than the sight of operating the iPhone through the broken screen. As much as it is embarrassing to take your handset out in the public, it could even cause damage to the eyes. It is always advisable to get this fixed as soon as possible, and where else could be the best place to get it done?

Battery Issues

The only warning that you must take seriously! Battery is one of the most vital parts for any electronic device. And with so much work done on our phones on a daily basis, battery issues can be a misery. If you are facing problems such as the battery draining too quickly or heating up of the phone, then you must pay attention immediately and get it fixed at a good service center.

Charging Issues

We all have experienced a time in our lives, where even after keeping the phone on charge for long hours, the battery shows 1-2%. It’s a mini heartbreak that we experience at that moment. We, at Fixkart, are ready to help you out and will leave no stone unturned to fix this issue.

Water damage

Did your device just went for a swim? Then it is time to visit us. Although, you have tons of hacks and ideas to get this sorted, don’t make the mistake of applying them on your dearest phone. It could lead to a bigger mess and damage the phone even more. Sometimes it is better to seek professional help to get the issue resolved and let the DIY ideas take a back seat.

WiFi Issues

Having trouble connecting to the Wifi? Fret not! We have a solution. Wifi being the most important feature in one’s phone, facing difficulties in connecting, configuring your iPhone to the Wifi would be the last thing you want. Our experts will look into the issue and will provide an instant solution.

 Broken Buttons 

The power button and volume buttons are the most used buttons in a phone and therefore, these are also prone to get damaged due to mishandling or dropping. You can manage using the phone even in such a condition but over a period of time, it starts to get frustrating. Volume buttons could give you troubles when you really want them to work, but they don’t. Get them repaired right here at our service center.

Camera Issues

In a world full of trending selfies, groupfies you surely don’t want to stay away from creating memories with your loved ones. Well, you won’t be able to do that, if your iPhone has trouble with the camera. Sometimes, it could be the software that’s causing trouble, but most of the time it is hardware that’s the culprit. Getting your iPhone repaired at a reputed service center is the best option as you don’t want to damage your phone’s camera permanently. 

Speaker/Microphone Not Working

What’s a phone without the basic functionality of connecting to people? You would have definitely come across instances when you are not able to hear clearly or hear distorted sounds on phone calls. You may simply blame the network for the inconvenience, but the real problem could be your own phone. There could be defects in the microphone or speaker. Get your phone checked and repaired at Fixkart.

Software Issues

There is nothing much you can do if your phone is suffering from software issues. Yes, you would have updated the operating system, but there could be hidden problems that would lead to crashing or unresponsive applications suddenly. Professional help is the only solution then. Our team of experts will solve the problem in a jiffy.

These are some of the common issues that one faces while using the iPhone. We hope that you don’t face any of the above issues with your phone. But sadly, gadgets do need some care and repair after a period of time. In that case, you know exactly where to head to! You are also free to use our doorstep mobile repair service. Our expert engineers provide all round iPhone service at an affordable price. 

 Fixkart is one of the most eminent iPhone Service Centre in Bangalore. We believe in providing nothing but the best service to our customers. Visit us today to get a complete IT solution to all your big or small problems.

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