Where to repair & what is iPhone 7 battery price in Bangalore

Smartphones have become really essential in our daily lives, from work to our daily dose of entertainment these gadgets have become really essential in ones life. However, there could be a possibility that you may end up damaging it. We understand how heartbreaking it can be to break an expensive smartphone. These days a broken phone is equal to a broken life. Don’t get disheartened you really don’t have to discard your expensive iPhone when you can get it repaired. 

iPhones are very sleek and smooth in design and has a tendency to slip from your hand while taking it out from your bag or pocket. The accident would have damaged the screen – sometimes lightly and sometimes majorly. In any case, we want to try the DIY’s that we would have seen on the internet, to repair the phone. But this could lead to extensive damage and you surely don’t want that. Whether the problem is big or small, you will need an expert for your phone.

Who better than us would know the importance and sentimental values associated with your phone. We offer the best mobile repair service in Bangalore. Our company has been in the market, well known for over 10+ years now, being one of the best mobile services company in Bangalore. We know what it takes to reach the service center only to know that you have to live without your treasured possession until it is repaired. Thus, we have come to the rescue with an express doorstep mobile repair service.


When do you need a professional?

There could be moments in your life when you would have skipped a heart-beat. Your iPhone would have dropped and you’d be seeing a cracked screen, followed by several other problems such as low battery life so on and so forth. No matter how careful we try to be, we all have dropped our iPhones. Usually, the consequences of dropping the device are serious. 

One of the most common problems that we come across is battery life decreasing drastically. iPhone 7 is one such device where the users have found issues with the battery. Sometimes, the issue could be so worse that a complete battery replacement would be required. That’s exactly when you would need us. iPhone 7 battery price may vary at different service centers, but at Fixkart we only use high-quality spare parts and at a reasonable price.


Why choose us?

Rather than taking your phone to an unskilled repair person who could cause additional damage to the phone both to the hardware or the intricate parts present inside, it’s a good idea to choose a service center like Fixkart that has years of experience in the field of repairing damaged gadgets with a good reputation. This way you can get your phone as it was before without spending too much, as you would have if you had to buy a new iPhone.

Our customers have been choosing us for over 10+ years as we just don’t repair their mobile we bring back their happiness with it. We promise on-time delivery, follow the suits, and maintain high standards providing superior value to customers at an affordable price. Our service engineers are the backbone of the service center, having more knowledge to identify and repair the device within no time.

We have advanced equipments, professional and technical team to address the problem with your phone and provide the best solution to it. After visiting our service center you can be rest assured to repair or accessorize your smartphone. We offer the best in class service for your quality Apple products at our service center in Bangalore.


Some of our key highlights are:

Quick and Hassle-free 

Get your mobile phone repaired in just a click at your home or office, as we have doorstep mobile repair. We believe in quick and hassle-free service to our valued customers.

Trained Professionals

As we have mentioned, we have a skilled team of professionals to help you at every step of service. Our professionals have been working in the industry for years. Your trust in us makes us proud to provide you with the best.

Guaranteed safety

We value your phone, as much as you do. When it comes to any replacement or repair of the phone, you would want it to be in safe hands. We only use guaranteed high-quality spare products in the case of battery replacement or any delicate hardware that requires any change.

One-stop solution

You don’t want to wander to multiple stores to get your phone serviced, repaired, or accessorized. Fixkart is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. 


What do we repair?

Cracked screens – One of the most common issues Apple device users face is this. We know how it feels when your precious device breaks. We repair and replace broken screens of all the Apple devices.

Camera not working – Not able to click those amazing pictures and capture the moment? We will fix it for you! Most of the time it could be a hardware problem and may need a replacement.

iPhone not charging – We have all faced the problem to see your phone at the brink of dying and you plug in the charger, just to see nothing happens. We are happy to help you out and fix your charging problems.

Bluetooth issues – If you aren’t able to turn on your Bluetooth, or you are facing issues to connect your phone with other Bluetooth devices, then you must definitely reach out to us to get the issue resolved.

Overall iPhone care – Wondering if your iPhone is in good condition? It is a good practice to check your phone from time to time to know the overall condition of your phone. While all the Apple devices are known for its durability, we all know after a certain period of time, it can wear down and start to give troubles. 

To get your phone repaired or serviced you know where to go. Connect with us today, to maintain your phone or in any case, if it gets damaged we will be delighted to help you out. Visit us today!

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